Act of Kindness

  1. Helps the beggar

I always try to help the beggar as they come on the door of my hose or i saw them at road. because i believe that Allah gives us money from which we should help the others.

2. Makes the Cup of Tea

when i made a cup of tea for my mother and sister i also made it for our maid. some times when she came to our house she told that she want tea then i made a cup of tea for her.

3. Help my mother

when i saw my mother is working in a kitchen i helped her like in cooking or washing the dishes. i love to work with her in kitchen and try new recopies.

4. Help others

i love to help other people like my fellows in finding their jobs or about their career. one of my class fellow want to start her own clinic so guided her about that. i also told to my fellows in the group about any opportunity comes.

5. Encourage my colleagues in their work

one of my colleague started her ow school and many other people discouraging her but i encouraged her and listen to her problems which makes her calm and energetic for further work.




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Somna Zahra

Somna Zahra

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